- Medical assessment:
Fill in our application form online (no need to print or scan)
and send the form along with diagnostic reports (X-rays, blood tests, Ultrasounds and scans) by e-mail 
Confirmation of receipt within 24hrs

- Case review with healthcare providers for best treatment option at affordable cost

- (Telephone) consultation with client regarding treatment options and price comparisons

- Receipt of quotation in customised brochure as discussed with client

- Signing of contracts, appointment forms

- Upfront payment of estimated costs by client

- Invitation letter from hospital to client for visa application process

- Flight and hotel booking

- Arrival and hotel or hospital transfer

- Diagnostics, consultations and medical procedures

- Optional rehabilitation treatment and/or tourism

- Medical follow-ups

- Departure with post-treatment package, including treatment post-treatment information, hospital and doctor contact information and the continued medical support of MTIG.

We offer transparent pricing for all our services. Our clients receive the original documents in English from MTIG and the healthcare provider at the end of treatment. MTIG charges 10% of the total medical bill for its facilitation services.

Medical costs in Germany are regulated by law and calculated based on German Diagnosis-Related Groups (G-DRGs).

German hospitals request 100% upfront payment of the estimated cost of treatment. This will be accounted for after the course of treatment and the balance, if any, will be returned to the patient.

Please note that all initial costs are estimates and might vary widely from the final cost of treatment.

Patients have the option of requesting VIP services (e.g head of department/senior physician services, private rooms/ 2-bed rooms, admission of an accompanying person into patient rooms) at an additional cost.

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